3 May 2020

Big brands love Lottie #2

Get inspired from design leaders all around the world


Wix is a well-known development platform with millions of users worldwide. They make it easy for everyone to create a beautiful and professional website. If you need a blog, e-commerce website, or just a personal portfolio, they got your back. And the best part is, you don’t need to code.

To make the user experience delightful, they use Lottie animations in several places. Instead of using boring loaders, they were able to create and implement way nicer experience thanks to Lottie. Now even waiting for a result can be entertaining. Those small UI animations surely improved the product.

Loading animation for Wix video maker


Bolt Food

Bolt is mainly known for its car-sharing app, but they also have a food delivery app in their family called Bolt Food. Sure we can agree that waiting for food can be even more frustrating than waiting for a car. That’s probably the reason why they decided to make this experience as pleasant as possible.

To achieve that, they asked Fireart Studio for help, and the result is outstanding. They created several delightful animations that are guiding users through the delivery process. You can see when your order is cooking or was picked up by a delivery guy. Instead of implementing static images they wisely choose Lottie and turned something boring as waiting, to an enjoyable experience. This is the power of well-crafted animations.

Animated chef cooking ordered meal



Bank app doesn’t have to be always boring and super serious, and Revolut is living proof of that. They managed to build a really cool product, enjoyable by millions of users. Lottie plays a big role in their success to make a user-friendly app.

You can find those cool animations in several places in the app helping to increase interactivity. We can clearly say, they went further than just filling out empty spaces with animations. Their animations play a big role in their branding. Either it’s Revolut app, website, or marketing campaign, Lottie animations are implemented in the right places.

Revolut mascot playing guitar in motion



If you ever tried to hire a freelancer, you probably heard about Fiverr. Fiverr connects businesses with freelancers offering digital services in 250+ categories, but that’s not all. They also launched a Fiverr Logo Maker, a platform helping non-designers to create their own logo.

And to explain how it works they used simple Lottie animations on landing page promoting the product. Step by step guidance is helping users to understand the product, and animations are making it entertaining. This is a good example of use Lottie animations on landing page.

Animation of logo usage


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