How does it work?

Create a free Paddle account

To get started you need to set up a new account on Paddle. You will get all your earnings there. Don’t worry it’s free!

Introduce yourself and your business

Affiliate requests are not auto approved. Give us a chance to know you and your business first, so we can make decision.

Share your affiliate links and earn money

After getting the links, you can start selling. You will get 20% for each sale made by your link. Start earning money!



Does it cost me anything to become an affiliate?

It is absolutely free. Moreover, Paddle does not set minimum limits on the withdrawal of funds earned.

Do I have to be a Drawer customer to participate?

Absolutely not, but the knowledge will definitely help you promote us better and we’d love to see you among our clients.

How will I track my earnings?

You will receive an email alert about the completed sale. You can also control receipts in your account on Paddle.

What are the payment options for affiliates?

Paddle pays the earned money every week on Fridays. Then you can withdraw them to your PayPal account.

I am located outside the U.S. Can I participate?

Yes, Drawer affiliate program is a global program open to all affiliates around the world who meet our acceptance requirements. Only condition is that Paypal works in your country.

Who should I contact if I have further questions?

Please feel free to reach out to us via this email:


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