Why should you prefer Lottie over other forms of animation?
30 Mar 2020

Why should you prefer Lottie over other forms of animation?

Let’s compare Lottie to the many different options you have

In order to ensure your success in your niche, particularly when it comes to digital marketing, attention to detail is everything. Your goal as a business owner should be to communicate your message to your target audience through the most effective means while keeping your system costs as low as possible. Animation is one of the latest trends that has taken the online sphere by storm, becoming a prevailing medium to attract and retain consumer interest.

What is Lottie Animation?

Lottie is basically an extensive database or platform compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices that allows the user to create and customize animated graphics in a very smooth and convenient JSON based format. This enables designers to easily export and import these lightweight animations that can be scaled to perfection without compromising the quality.

There are many reasons why designers are starting to prefer Lottie animations over other formats. Let’s compare Lottie to the many different options you have for your moving graphics and see who comes out on top:

Lottie vs. PNG Sequence

One of the biggest drawbacks of PNG sequence graphics is that they are rather large in size which can make them something of a hassle to export and manipulate on different interfaces. Lottie files, in comparison, are extremely small and conveniently sized (around 30-50 times smaller), consuming very little disk space, having a quick download speed, and keeping your site or app operations as smooth as possible thanks to minimum interference.

Lottie vs. GIF

While smaller than PNG graphics, GIFs are still a pretty space occupying format, being double in size as compared to a simple Lottie animation. GIFs are also typically scaled at a fixed size. This means that you cannot modify it to better fit to scale on a different interface than where it was originally created. Lottie animations give you the space you need to adjust them to large scale solutions as well as smaller scale projects.

Lottie vs. Video

When it comes to using visual content to further enhance digital strategies, video content comes up in contention with animation quite often. For video content, particularly live action stuff, you need to arrange for a host of resources including props, actors, and locations. Animations are relatively simpler and cheaper alternatives that still get the job done. Not to mention a good animation keeps your visitor engaged and does not compel them to turn it off.

Lottie vs. Coded Animation

As a designer, you want to streamline the development process and make it as efficient and cost or resource effective as possible. Writing animation in code can be a time and skill intensive process, not to mention how easy it is to encounter a host of problems while writing the code. Instead of dedicating valued resources to either outsourcing the project or hiring skilled staff, why not use an alternative animation tool in the form of Lottie that is intuitive, scalable, and compatible with multiple platforms.