Motion Design and Animation Trends in 2020
23 Apr 2020

Motion Design and Animation Trends in 2020

The rise of what motion design and animation trends will we see in 2020

When it comes to your digital marketing strategy, using motion graphics and animation is a great way to make your content even more engaging and unique. It is an innovative and creative way to promote and market your products and services and is even preferred over simple image graphics and videos for marketing purposes. With the popularity of animation and motion design on the rise, let’s take a look at the latest trends that will make them even more impactful in 2020:

Thin or Absent Borders

Lines and borders give a sense of discipline and definition to any animation. To break the norm and inject a breath of fresh air into modern motion graphics, animators are starting to use very thin, almost negligible lines that meld in with the rest of the palette or omitting the use of borders altogether. This gives the moving images a very distinct style that feels deliberate, new, and very artistic. Another option is to skip the coloring and go for bare line art. It is a great way to simplify your animation and still get the point across in a very illustrative and clean manner.

Animated illustration with thin boarders


Loud and Bold

While animation used to be largely conservative, the future months will see people using it in loud, proud, and bold ways that enable them to stand out even more as the use of motion graphics becomes more and more commonplace. Bright, vibrant colors will be a popular choice with animators in 2020.

Bold animation of president Trump with red background


Lottie Animations

As far as animation formats go, more and more individuals are opting for Lottie animations over the likes of GIFs and PNGs. This is because Lottie animations offer a lot of functional benefits over other formats, being extremely minute in size in comparison, uncompromising in regards to the quality of the graphic, and vastly versatile and adaptable.

Doctor standing next to the phone with diagnosis

Animated Logos

A logo is an identifying feature for any business or company and they want to make it as memorable and unique as possible. An animated logo ticks all the boxes: it is a one of a kind idea, adds a lot of aesthetic beauty and life to a static figure, and makes them quite unforgettable for the average visitor.

Animated Slack logo


Going Metallic

The shiny, metallic look in animations looks modern, neat, and very clearly defined. It is a great way to communicate just how luxurious, coveted, and special your brand is. The metallic effect attracts the eye immediately and makes for some deliciously smooth visuals, which explains its popularity.

Animated metal shape


Tinkering with Typography

Playing around with different styles of typography is the new craze, and we can’t fault anyone for it. There are so many ways to establish unique compositions with simple typography and completely change the vibe of your website. Whether you choose to make the letters holographic, flesh out the smallest details in a more art-oriented style, or go for kinetic letters that distort into a multitude of new shapes and forms only to come back together in the end.

Animated typography on landing page


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