What is lottie animation? Everything you need to know.
25 Mar 2020

What is lottie animation? Everything you need to know.

Animations have become an inseparable part of user experience

Whether it be background transitions or subtle transitions, animations are considered to be crucial for every website. This is the reason; nowadays designers are paying more attention to creating cool animations so they can bring websites to life.

The tool which is becoming immensely popular is Lottie. This JSON- based animation file format has everything which a developer is looking for.


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What is Lottie?

Lottie is a library that can be used on website or mobile application for adding animations. Additionally, Lottie file is a JSON-based animation filet that enables developers to implement animations on any platform as easily as implementing static assets.

So, if you don’t have any experience regarding animations, then don’t worry because Lottie is an effective solution for you. It’s perfect for developers as you just have to add a few lines of code and you are good to go, isn’t it amazing?

In order to make your animation more interactive, it allows you simple adjustments that you can perform according to your requirements.

How can I get Lottie file?

Are you wondering how to get a Lottie file? First, you have to create your required animation in Adobe After Effects. Once you have created your animation, then you need to export JSON file using Bodymovin plugin. Make sure all Adobe After Effect features you use are supported by Lottie.

In case if you don’t want to follow this process, you can download ready-to-go animations from us. This will save your time and effort, and you’ll get beautiful animations in no time.


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Why use Lottie?

Enhance user experience

Lottie allows engineers to implement incredible animations so that they can attract more users. Designers and developers are using this tool for creating a compelling user experience.

No need to write long codes

You don’t need to write long codes. All you have to do is implement your animation and rest leave it to Lottie. You can use its framework as well for adjusting the code.

Before Lottie, implementing animation was not easier. Either you have to reduce the animation quality or have to alter the images. But using its framework, you can add the exact animation provided by the designer.

Works on all modern browsers

Lottie is incredible because it works on all browsers that support JavaScript. Besides, you can add its code on any website and application where you want to show animations. The Lottie libraries are compatible with iOS, Android, and different operating systems.

Easy to use

The Lottie libraries are manageable and easy to use. Different brands are using it for the best results and improving user experience. It’s the perfect opportunity for the developers to reduce their efforts while implementing the code.

Small file size

As compared to animated GIF or PNG Sequence, it offers small file sizes, which can increase website speed and can make the mobile application faster.

Final words

If you really want to create an engaging user experience, then Lottie is your ideal choice.

  • It’s an intuitive animation tool that helps to create engaging animations.
  • You can implement high-quality animations on any platform.
  • It’s versatile and efficient.
  • The file size is small compared to other formats.
  • It’s vector based and scalable at run-time.