Big brands love Lottie #1
30 Mar 2020

Big brands love Lottie #1

Get inspired by design leaders using Lottie animations all around the world


It’s no surprise that company which invented Lottie is also using it on their platform. Back in the days, most apps weren’t using animation, because you either had to add bulky image files for each screen size or write a thousand lines of brittle, hard-to-maintain code.

But they knew an animation is a powerful tool for improving user experience, just implementation was a hustle, so they decided to change that. After a year of development, they introduced Lottie and today designers and developers around the world are improving user experience with it.




Google always knew how to add delight to their products. If it’s an Easter Egg “The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything”, or mini-game like flip a coin, the options how to grab your attention are wide, but the animation is on top of them. They saw the potential of Lottie right away and now we can see smart use of them in many of Google’s products.



Brand well-known for its slick design cannot be behind the rest in terms of new technology. They are design leaders them selfs, and if someone introduces something groundbreaking, they follow. Great user experience is their top priority, and Lottie is helping them to achieve that.




Thanks to Lottie Duolingo was able to breathe life into their well-known mascot Duo. Now you can meet him in all different places through the app, and he’s doing a great job motivating users to achieve their goals. Learning new languages was never so much fun.

Source: Duolingo iOS App

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